BFSA Research Ethics policy

Equal opportunities

The BFSA is committed social inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities and is opposed to any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of social class, race, ethnic origin, sex, age, religion, sexual preference, or disability. All applicants receive equal treatment.


The BFSA requires the research it funds to be conducted in an ethical manner. The following considerations apply to all research to be supported by BFSA grants:

  • accurate reporting of findings, and a commitment to enabling others to replicate results where possible;
  • fair dealing in respect of other researchers and their intellectual property;
  • honesty to research staff and students about the purpose, methods and intended and possible use of the research and any risks involved;
  • confidentiality of information supplied by research subjects and anonymity of respondents (unless otherwise agreed with research subjects and respondents); and
  • independence and impartiality of researchers to the subject of the research.