Policing the Batinah? Late pre-Islamic Persian imperial expansion into the Arabian Peninsula: new evidence from Fulayj by Dr Seth Priestman

Dr Seth Priestman, Research Assistant in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. Jointly hosted with the Anglo-Omani Society.

Dr Priestman has directed two seasons of excavations and fieldworks at Fulayj as part of a current project dealing with the wider frontiers of the Sasanian Empire. Persia and its Neighbours: the Archaeology of Late Antique Imperial Power in Iran aims to extend our knowledge of Sasanian military expansion and current fieldwork along the frontiers of the Sasanian empire is an important part of this.

The site of Fulayj represents the first securely dated Sasanian site in Oman and the first anywhere facing directly into the Indian Ocean. It opens up new questions about Persian military expansion into Eastern Arabia shortly before the emergence of Islam.

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